Woodstock Orchards & Roseland Cottage | Woodstock | Connecticut Charm

Woodstock Orchards is a lovely little orchard located right on the main street of Woodstock Connecticut less than a two minute drive from Mrs. Bridge’s Pantry. I heard about their cute apple barn over a year ago and wanted to see it for myself. After walking around the farm and trying their apple cider donuts, I had to add Woodstock Orchards to my list of favorite apple orchards in Connecticut. If you’re looking to go apple picking this season, I found a place just for you. Although the little shop itself is very busy on the weekend, the orchard behind the barn is lovely and peacefully hidden away. 

I discovered that white pumpkins are called “casper pumpkins.” They’re some of my favorite, along with the pancake-looking pumpkins known as “cinderella pumpkins.”Tractor Mac! I love this local author and illustrator, Billy Steers. His popular Tractor Mac series can be found at any bookshop and country fair in Connecticut. You can often run into Billy and his big red tractor, Mac, at the local Bethlehem Fair and The Big E. I loved his stories as a kid and now my nieces and nephews love reading his books too. I was excited when I saw that the apple barn had them. Cortland apples are popular around Connecticut and they are one of my favorite apple varieties. Pick up a jug of fresh apple cider. Yum. Our next stop on the Woodstock itinerary was Roseland Cottage, located just a minute past Woodstock Orchards. We first arrived earlier in the day, but a wedding was taking place in the garden so we did not want to disturb the ceremony. There are a few house tours a day, but the big draw is this lovely garden. We could not believe just how much it was still in bloom this time of year. As the sun lowered in the sky and another great day came to an end, we started on the scenic drive home. 

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