Why Daylight Saving Is Good For Your Book Shelf | Thankfulness November | Live Lovely

Happy Daylight Saving! Monday will be the first day for many of us to drive home from work in the complete dark. We went from beautiful Autumn afternoons to earlier sunset drives to complete darkness. It seems like all of a sudden everyone has forgotten how to drive in the dark. I don’t quite know why this panic takes over every year, but the first week of driving home after Daylight Saving turns into complete chaos. Please don’t despair, because this change in light also comes with many benefits. You will find that everything will start to slow down as the sun sets earlier each and every day.

When it is dark, people tend to want to cozy up inside, especially as the nights become colder. This is great for you, and it is even better for your bookshelf. Take the time to slow down, eat dinner with your family, do something you love, relax, take a bath, and read a good book. If you’re like many people, you must have at least one book on your shelf at home that has not been read yet. A book that you will read “when I have the time.” Now is the time. As less activities are planned for late afternoons and evenings, your schedule will open up before the holidays sweep through. Now is the time to finally have the time.

Your book case will thank you.

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