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Another stop on our Vermont road trip was Burlington Vermont. It took us off of the path of route 100, about a forty minute drive from Stowe. We decided that because we missed the best time to see the autumn foliage, we would do another route 100 next year to really enjoy the experience and take our time. This time around we would see something unplanned. I do love some unplanned exploring. You never know what you may find.

Burlington was recommended by a friend and it was an unexpected city adventure. The small city borders Lake Champlain and there is a waterfront park. The pedestrian area of the city was great for finding places to eat, listening to street performers, and people watching. Burlington is what our friend Carl would call a “hipster place.” I found it to be a very artsy area that reminded me a little bit of Montreal, Quebec. I really enjoyed the wall art here. Burlington Records was my favorite shop that we came across. I have a modest collection of beloved records at home featuring a few modern albums, but mostly consisting of classics. I’m a big fan of 1950s-1960s music from girl bands to rock n’ roll. I have this Rumors album at home. You can find some pretty great albums here for reasonable prices. Coincidentally, we ended up having lunch at Sweetwaters, the same restaurant featured in the wall mural that we took photos in front of not long before. This American style bistro offers great burgers and hard ciders. I was excited to see poutine on the menu, a Canadian french fry and gravy dish served with cheese curds. I developed a tatse for poutine when we traveled to Quebec last autumn. Sweetwaters is a great place to stop for a simple American-styled lunch with some Northern New England flair and some unexpected appetizers. Before leaving Burlington, we took in the view by the water. Now back to Route 100 for the drive home to Connecticut. Of course, we made some stops along the way to play in the leaves! Warren is another small Vermont country town that we drove through. There is a nice little country store that sells ice cream and a covered bridge. Before the sun set we spent time looking for a gas station. If you see one, stay filled up. It was miles before we actually found one and we were running on empty! Finally, after we thought we would never find one in time, we made it to this single gas pump in this little town right as their shop was closing for the night. This was our first time using one of these old pumps. 
Next year we are planning another Route 100 road trip earlier in the season to enjoy more of the autumn leaves and the daylight! 

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