Vieques Pig Roast | Andy & Anna’s Destination Wedding

9The day before the wedding Andy and Anna had a pig roast on the beach with their family and friends. A quick warning for my vegetarian friends: there is a pig’s head in this post. If you scroll past it, I promise you will love the colorful images of this stunning beach festivity! The sky was a stunning shade of blue, palm trees lined the beach, and the party splashed into the crystal clear waters. I’m pretty sure that this is as close to paradise as I have seen. A band played on the beach and a rainbow array of beach umbrellas lined the shore.

Matthew and I were invited as guests, but I couldn’t pass up the photo opportunities. Matthew and Anna’s friends guarded me as I waded into the water with my camera. A special thank you to those who kept me from toppling over with the gentle waves. One of these days I need to invest in a water proof camera casing. In Connecticut, it has not been a year-long necessity as most of my events are away from water. Can you imagine all the possibilities I would have with a waterproof case?

I hope that this post takes you to warm summer days. Our week in Vieques felt like endless summer. I am already looking for the next opportunity to escape to days like this one.

1In Vieques, Puerto Rico it is a tradition for couples to have a pig roast before the wedding. It is also a tradition (and a good luck omen) for the bride to kiss the pig, really! The wedding planner, the amazing Sandy Malone, was happy to point out the recipient of Anna’s good luck kiss as Andy looked on in amusement. Lucky groom didn’t have to kiss the pig. Anna’s a good sport for going along with it. 2453678101112131415161718192021Cheers!2223A very special shout-out to this guy pictured right below: Jeffrey! Jeff is Anna’s brother and he became an awesome friend to Matthew and I in Vieques. Jeff was the one that drove us around the island to the various wedding festivities. Thank you, Jeff! 24252627282930313233343536373839404142Wild horses can be found all over the island. This one above noticed me taking his portrait and followed me all the way back to the party. I was a little nervous at first because they are wild, but I was assured that they are friendly. These sweethearts are used to people. 4344

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