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My new towels came in the mail and I could not be more excited. For a while now I have been wanting to upgrade my old towels to turkish ones for their lovely simplicity and soft texture which is more gentle on my curly hair than normal towel fibers. I love the natural look of these handmade Mon Castle turkish towels and I truly believe they make my small rental bathroom look more luxurious. I have been thinking about ordering turkish towels for almost a year now. They are often a little more expensive than your typical towel, but I found these for an incredible price on Amazon through a seller called Mon Castle. When they arrived they came with care instructions. 

As I have minimized my possessions I have been investing in more sustainable and high quality items that I love to bring beauty and comfort into my home. I wanted to share these with you because I am excited about where my “less is more” mentality has taken me and improved the quality of my life and my home. As I have minimized my belongings my space has not only become cleaner, but lovelier as I decorate and buy necessities with more intention and aesthetic.

When the towels arrived they came in this lovely little bag. They are the size of your normal bath towel, however, they were so much thinner than I anticipated. I actually prefer them this way and I enjoy the simplicity of the design. The care instructions said to soak them in cold water for about 12 hours prior to using them. As they are newly made, this helps soften the fibers and makes them more absorbent. I love how they look hanging up in my bathroom! 

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