Tuesday Tea | Slowing Down The Fall

Maybe this Autumn I am not the best example of slowing down to take in the Fall. I have been working during the week while photographing and editing several weddings, newborn, maternity, and styled shoots and my blog on weekends. I have also been planning my wedding and honeymoon, going on road trips, taking long drives to visit friends, and have made appointments to try on wedding gowns. It has been a full, yet vibrant season. Now I’m ready to simply sit back, take my time, and finish editing photos. I am going to slow down my Fall.

What I do love about Autumn is the slow pace that is easy to fall into on a quiet morning or a rainy night. Everything about Autumn from the vibrant foliage to the country fairs and apple picking invites people to come outside, soak up nature, and appreciate the moment. I understand that there is much to see and do, but the busyness of Summer is at an end and the time of cozy scarves, hot apple cider, and pumpkin patches is here. So this Autumn, I want to invite you on a week of taking in the moment. Take this one simple week to slow down, focus on a simple goal, and appreciate the moment. Unbook your calendar, don’t make plans for the weekend, unplug from all phones, computers, iPads, etc. and make time to take in the Fall and slow down your Autumn. Before you know it, the leaves will be gone and the holidays will be here.

Here are a few simple ways to slow down your Autumn this week:

  • Go for a nature walk without your phone.
  • Get up early, make some tea, coffee, coa coa, or hot apple cider and enjoy a quiet morning doing something that you love.
  • Read a good book or an article in the morning or after work.
  • Dim the lights and unplug an hour before bed and do something you love that does not require being plugged in: read a book, play a board game, write a letter, paint or do a craft, color in a coloring book, call a friend, or bake a dessert. Anything your heart desires.
  • Get outside for twenty minutes every day.
  • Keep your weekend unplanned.
  • Make some popcorn and watch a feel-good movie.
  • Cancel all errands after work and enjoy a simple evening at home.
  • Plan a weekend retreat: a peaceful and unplanned weekend at home, a camping trip, or a cozy cabin in the woods. 

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