Tuesday Tea | Simplicity In Action

My new lifestyle has given me the luxury of enjoying more simplicity and solitude in my every day life. I woke up at a time that I wanted to today, not a time that I had to and I boiled water on the stove for tea. I believe that most of us daydream about simpler times, especially when the going is tough. For those of us that do, simple does not always mean easy. I know that for a “simpler” life I will have to work harder on my business; more time planning, more time editing, more time working on blog content, etc. 

Yet simplicity has entered my life in other ways. For example, I donated my microwave. Although convenient, in my tiny apartment it took up too much valuable counter space and cluttered up my kitchen. It takes longer to heat food on the stove or in the oven, yet we also eat healthier because of it and food tastes so much better. Without it, I am more mindful when I cook. It has been several months and the only time I have missed it is when I crave some popcorn, which I can now make in a pot on the stove. I feel as if I have brought beauty back into my kitchen. 

Likewise, instead of a coffee maker I brew coffee for guests in a simple little french press. I removed the unessential from my life (which is still in progress) like clothes I no longer love, old papers (still working on this one), extra books, useless knick-knacks, as well as detoxing my digital clutter. My car is twelve years old and missing a little paint (and the hub caps), but it works great and it is completely paid off. People with modern vehicles would not call my car simple. It has roll windows and sometimes I wish it had heated seats, but it serves my needs and I am grateful.

Simple does not necessarily mean easy, less to do, or provide instant happiness. Simple removes distractions and brings us into the present moment. Sometimes it can save you money (a little french press is so much cheaper than a coffee maker), gives you room to breathe, or even saves you time (although simple is not always about faster time, but making the most of that time spent). 

Simple in action is appreciating life’s moments; the things that we do and the ways which we do them. 

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