Tuesday Tea | How to Fly

Today, I fly.

It is late morning, almost noon, as I sip my tea and write this after pouring over my book, “The Quotable Amelia Earhart.” Today, I am learning how to fly. After years of day dreaming and numerous flights as a passenger (and once in the co-pilot seat), I am learning how to fly today.

I met a great pilot who is also an aspiring photographer and proposed a trade: a lesson in the art of flying for a lesson in photography. This evening I hope to channel my inner Amelia and take to the clouds.

Dreams, or goals, take on many forms. Mine, like Vicki Barr’s, take on the form of flight. Your dream may be a career move, a trip to a specific destination, a marathon, or winning that trophy. Instead of always sitting back and dreaming about them, I hope you let your dreams take flight. Rather than telling yourself, “one day. . . ,” I hope you make one day happen. Think of the ways you may achieve your dreams and start today.

Take the pilot seat, the initiative, and fly!

“The lure of flying is the lure of beauty. The dramas of the clouds, the glory of the stars, the charm of the landscapes and the wonders of the waters and skies have, to me, an irresistible appeal.” -Amelia Earhart March 31, 1935 Los Angeles Times

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