Tuesday Tea: Dream Me

dscf6964It is a beautiful day and I just made it home a little while ago from my return flight home from Orlando, FL. This is one of those amazing days where “dream-me” and “real-me” intersect. I believe that everyone has a “dream me” in the back of their mind (or rather, their heart). It is the part of you that you wish you could be every day.

I enjoyed some tea on the plane home and thought over the last few days. I was in DC with Matthew and his friends over the weekend then flew into Orlando for a magical engagement shoot.


Maybe your dream-me is a marathon runner, an engineer, pilot, ballerina, a personal trainer, or even an archeologist like Indiana Jones (awesome hat and silhouette included). Or perhaps your dream-me is not a career path; it is a place, a feeling, or a state of being. Perhaps your dream-me is being a morning person or someone who paints, creates, or volunteers in their free time.


Listen to your inner dream-me because it is telling you exactly what you want to be. It is the inner voice saying, “This is what I want from my life.” If you ignore that inner voice, your personal calling, it will not go away. Instead it turns into discontent, sadness, or even jealousy.

clm_4989Who is your dream-me?

My dream-me is to be a full-time travel and destination photographer and writer. As I return from a destination engagement shoot in Walt Disney World, I am soaking up the moment of turning that dream into my reality. At least for today, and that is a great place to start.

MaryCatherine and Robert’s engagement in Disney was one of those days for me. One of those seize the moment, be yourself, and thrive kind of days.


When I return to my office job tomorrow morning I know that this moment will feel so far away. But I also know that I will be one step closer to my goals. Make a promise to yourself to listen to your own dreams. They will never become your reality if you ignore them.


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