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I have been reading a lot of blogs lately, which is what has inspired me to start blogging myself. I figure that I love reading them so much that I should consider writing one as I love to journal and write in my free time. (I may or may not have read through the archives of most of these blogs listed below. May have. . . Ok, I did!) Photography and writing make up most of my life. And of course, reading! So one day after about a month of being blog obsessed, I had a eureka moment where I realized I could blog myself. I was already blogging my photography (particularly weddings) so adding in more posts to share my other thoughts and passions was not a stretch.

I read primarily about traveling, positive psychology, simple living, minimalism, wedding photography and adventure. It is the absolute best when I find a blog that combines all of the above. I have compiled a list of all of my favorite blogs, in no particular order. I enjoy them all.

So curl up in a comfy chair with a cup of tea and explore the amazing blogs that have inspired me:


  • The Art of Non-Conformity –Chris Guillebeau is one of my favorite authors. He has been to every country in the world and writes about travel hacking, creating your dream job, and pursuing happiness. His books are great too!
  • Becoming Minimalist – Joshua Becker’s blog has brought such peace into my life. Minimalism magic even non-minimalists will love.
  • Nomadic Matt –How to travel the world on $50 a day. He also features guest posts from a variety of travelers from solo female travelers, couples, families, seniors, and people of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.
  • The Londoner –Travel, food, and fashion. Lots of photos and living lovely inspiration here from a London girl who loves to explore the globe as well as right outside her front door.
  • Be More With Less –Another minimalism blog that makes me feel wonderful from the creator of the Capsule Wardrobe Project 333.
  • LiveYourDreams -All about living your dreams.
  • Lonely Planet Blog -The cure (or cause) of every wanderlust.
  • Reading My Tea Leaves -A simple living blog with plenty of inspiration to live simply every day.
  • Pursuit of Everything -World traveller AJ Leon shares the reason to why he quit his big wall street job right after he was offered a promotion and changed his life instead.
  • The Lala -A fun blog for gals young and young at heart. It is all about positive thinking and making a change in the world. Plus, my nickname happens to be Lala so I am free to be biased.
  • The Every Girl -A blog designed mainly for college girls, but you’ll find plenty of inspiration here.
  • Hello Hygge -The keyword Hygge. I think this is my word for 2017. (Pronounced “Hoo-ga”) It is a Danish word that has no direct translation. It means coziness, simplicity, happiness, and appreciating the little things. I believe everyone can use a little Hygge in their lives.
  • Angie Away  -The blog of a solo female world traveler.
  • Living For The Now -The title says it all.
  • The Art of Simple -Another simplicity blog that I admire.
  • Travelettes -Travel tips for ladies who travel the globe.
  • The Travel Hack -I stumbled upon this travel blog the other day on accident and I still can’t get enough.
  • The Minimalists -You may have heard of the Minimalists or seen their famous TED Talk or even seen their new documentary on Netflix, but you shouldn’t miss their blog. They may be a bit more minimalists than most people aim to be, but they introduce many incredible ideas that may make an impact in your own life.

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