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Some of a couple’s favorite wedding images are taken as the couple is getting ready for the ceremony. Those gorgeous bridal portraits, the details as the groom is tying his tie or attaching his cuff links, the bridesmaids lacing the bride’s gown, the dress hanging, the shoes, jewelry, and love notes opened on a dresser.

The getting ready shots have the potential to be the most romantic, emotional, and story telling out of all the photos taken on the wedding day. Surprisingly, they are the least thought of during the wedding planning, unfortunately resulting in dark and unflattering imagery. The dark little rooms most couples prepare in is difficult for creating great images. For a couple, this can be disappointing.

A good photographer works with what they have and can create a story with the existing atmosphere, but if you know what to look for, it is simple to plan ahead and make a few small changes to create a great setting for your big moment. An aded bonus: it creates a romantic and beautiful atmosphere for you. What better way to get ready for your big day?

I have compiled my top 10 tips for making the most of your getting ready shots and making them album worthy. Remember, these are just a few simple suggestions and are not rules. There are no rules on how you run your wedding day except the one you make for yourself. I hope that you find them useful.

1. Think of the getting ready space as you would the reception hall or ceremony location. Decorate it to create a photo worthy backdrop for your big moment. An added bonus: the loveliness of the space lifts your mood and gets you in the wedding spirit.

2. If you have control over the location, choose a room that has enough space for family/bridal party/ make up artists/etc. as well as the photographer. Also choose a space with plenty of natural window light. Not enough light? Bring in additional lighting for ambiance and clearer photos.

3. Give yourself enough time to get ready and arrive a little early. Hair and make up can take a while. This takes some stress away and allows time for gorgeous photos of your dress hanging in a creative place and all the other details that make your wedding yours.

4. Take flowers out of ugly boxes or containers and store them in vases. Inexpensive vases can be found at dollar or craft stores. Plus the water keeps your flowers fresh.

5. Remove all clutter that does not add to the ambiance of the room. (Garbage, boxes, clothes, bags, coats, purses, cups, etc.)

6. Hide ugly wall art and furniture. You may want to go the extra mil by bringing in your own chair or mirror, although it is not a necessity.

7. Line up shoes and dresses on hangers for easy access and to use a s fun natural backdrop. Remove all boxes and wrappers. Use wooden/ crafty hangers instead of metal or plastic. Little changes greatly improve your photos.

8. Open window coverings for beautiful light. Ugly view or too bright light? Cover with inexpensive sheer white curtains. They can be found any where or maybe you already own some. No window light? Add ambiance with candles and christmas lights.

9. Get your make up applied by a window for natural light. The natural light ensures that the make up looks great in natural light and the photography will look softer and more lovely.

10. Have fun and go about in a way that makes you happy. Get ready for your day as if the photographer is not there and she/he will photograph the vents as they unfold.

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