Three Simple Ways To Add Some Wow To Your Engagement Shoot

The engagement shoot is often the only time a couple is ever professionally photographed outside of their wedding day. For this very reason, I believe that an engagement shoot is very special. There is no right or wrong way to create your own engagement shoot, but the Live Lovely way calls for a little more celebration for the occasion. This is not an ordinary day, it is a celebration of your engagement and your photos should showcase that. Forget your usual routine, your everyday style, and playing it safe. Here are three simple ways to add some “wow” into your engagement shoot. 

  • Dress to impress This is not an ordinary day at the office or home. Of course, you should always be true to yourself, but seriously consider dressing up with a lot more pizzazz for your engagement shoot. For ladies, I highly recommend getting your hair and makeup done (perhaps a trial for your wedding day) to really enhance your images. You will look and feel your best and that confidence will definitely show in your photos. Choose more formal attire and consider a formal dress and suit for your session for a classy look. 

  • It’s all about the details Details truly add a lot to your engagement shoot. Most importantly, make sure your engagement ring is clean and clear of all dirt because it will star in some photos of its own. Consider a simple and sophisticated approach to accessories and jewelry. Ladies may want to consider painting their nails or having them professionally done as they will be photographed along with your ring. A unique accessory can truly enhance your photographs and a well thought out prop can add a unique visual element. 

  • Location, location, location Once you look and feel your best, the second most important element to your engagement session is the location. I highly recommend choosing a simple and sophisticated location for a dramatic and lovely backdrop. You want the location to look high-end and cinematic, like a location from a romantic film. Choose carefully between a city backdrop, urban landscape, a garden scene, or a location that is unique and personal to you and your relationship. The location, along with your clothing, will completely determine the mood and look of your photo shoot. 

My most important piece of advice is to live it up as you only have one engagement shoot. Step away from your comfort bubble and really dress it up. Live for the moment, laugh a lot, and live lovely. 

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