The Roost Candle Co. | Sandy Hook | Connecticut Charm

I met the lovely owner of the Roost Candle Co., Dana, at a local networking event for entrepreneurs a couple weeks ago and I instantly fell in love with her handmade natural soy candles. Dana took the time to explain her process, as she hand-makes all of her candles. She had several on display at the event and I was overjoyed to finally find a Christmas tree scented candle that I loved, as I have been trying to find a great pine candle for weeks. I like to burn Christmas tree scented candles all winter long, even after Christmas time has passed. Dana’s Blue Spruce candle was exactly what I had been searching for. It might as well be the only Christmas scented candle I buy from now on. 

The Roost Candle Co. candles come in cute mason jars and are hand made with natural soy wax and essential oils that smell heavenly in your home. If I hadn’t been on a mission for a Christmas tree scented candle, I would not have been able to decide which scent to bring home. The lavender candle smelled heavenly too. 

This is not a sponsored post in any way, I just love these candles and wanted to share! I highly recommend the Roost Candle Co.’s candles for every person on your gift list this holiday season. I’ll be picking up several of these lovely candles for gifts this Christmas. You can order some of your own at and make sure to follow Dana’s page on Facebook. 

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