The McLeod Plantation | Charleston, South Carolina

The McLeod Plantation (pronounced Mc-lowd) was the first plantation on our list for Charleston. We could only fit so many into our trip, so we chose two: McLeod and Middleton Place. Next trip we have Boone Hall, Magnolia, and the Charleston Tea Plantation on our agenda. The McLeod Plantation is one of the smallest of the plantations and admission is $15 per person (less than the other plantations in the area). Yet, this recent addition to historic places is an absolute gem because of its history. This very house was taken over by the South during the Civil War and made into the headquarters of the South. It was eventually taken over by the North and made their headquarters as they came through the area. Cannons were shot from the upper levels and more history can be taken in during a great tour of the plantation. So much has happened here, like Gone With The Wind come to life. The slave quarters are still standing at McLeod, which many have been lost to time at other local plantations. These little buildings and shacks still stand as a sad reminder to the past. Nearly 200 people were enslaved here before the Civil War. I cannot comprehend how so many people were crammed into these tiny little homes. You can feel the lingering sadness. It is clear to see why the Unites States still has so far to go when you take a tour here. Attitudes are slow to change, especially in the South where people were kept as slaves. African-Americans were not even allowed to work outside of labor and service jobs in Charleston until the late 1960s. Just take a moment to mull that over.Yet, the beauty of the Plantation is hard to resist. The long driveway of gorgeous trees and the tall white pillars of the front porch are remarkable to take in. The house is not furnished, but every room has a large chart with photographs and the history of the plantation. Footsteps of the past.Here is Matthew taking his first Instagram photo. Check out his Instagram @Worldsofdiscovery.  One day I would like a little front porch and a rocking chair to read in. Feeling like a Southern belle in this white rocking chair. 


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