The Importance Of Getting Ready Images On Your Wedding Day

Getting ready for the wedding takes more time than the ceremony itself. The hours before the wedding are a flurry of hair styling, makeup application, breakfast, laughter, tears (mostly happy tears!), and getting dressed. Some people go out in the morning for a brunch with family or the bridal party while others play golf, participate in a yoga session, watch a favorite movie, or listen to music. The hours before the ceremony seem to take so long, but suddenly are gone in a flash. These moments are so important to photograph because they are the most candid and emotional moments of the day before the vows and rings are exchanged. When you hire a photographer to capture these moments you are preserving them forever. When looking for a photographer, ask if their collections include getting ready images. 

The moments most remembered and cherished by the brides I work with after their wedding day are the ceremony and those simple moments that take place before. The look of love and happiness on the face of a mother or a relative when they stop by before the wedding, the laughter that takes over as hair was being pinned up and veils set in place, and the feeling of putting on that special dress. This is also the time where the photographer can be creative with the special little details that come together to create your big day: the dress, the shoes, the invitations, the flowers, the rings, and the decorations. The window lit getting ready portraits.  Photographs with your closest friends and loved ones. When choosing your own wedding photographer, make sure that their packages include these moments because they are the behind-the-scenes stories that you will never want to forget. 

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