The Great Tea Cup Hunt At The Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market | New Milford, CT | Connecticut Charm

The Elephant’s Trunk is the largest flea market in Connecticut. As an aspiring minimalist, I try to keep away from collecting stuff, but if you’re looking for something vintage in particular this is a fabulous destination during the summer and early autumn months. For our wedding, I have been collecting vintage tea cups to create a lovely tea station with all of my favorite teas. I thought the cute cups would add an element of fun (and sophistication) to our wedding. Finding tea cups with their matching saucers hasn’t been terribly difficult, but finding large quantities has, hence the Elephant’s Trunk.

I was not disappointed. We came home with about eight new tea cups for the wedding tea station collection. The Elephant’s Trunk is creative and fun, but my favorite part are the flower and local farm stands. You may have heard of this flea market from the popular HGTV show Flea Market Flip. They often use this market as a backdrop for their flea market finds. 

You will want to arrive early as the large parking lot fills up fast. We had to wait in a long line of cars to get in because we came a little later in the morning. The Market is open every Sunday until mid-December so you have plenty of time to explore for yourself.

If you arrive during normal morning hours it only costs a couple dollars to come in. Some collectors pay mega bucks to arrive super early for treasure hunting. My favorite finds at the Elephant’s Trunk (besides teacups and farm fresh produce) are the vinyl records, old crates, artwork, classic books, baskets, typewriters, and singer sewing machines.

Now to the farm stands.

Supporting the local farmers is incredibly delicious. Don’t forget to bring a basket or eco-friendly bag to carry out your treats and treasures.

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