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It is December first, so I am fully embracing the Christmas spirit right now. I like to live in the moment and appreciate the present, so celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving is way too much for me. Even so, I had my eye on this cute little Christmas shop since early November.

I found the cutest little Christmas shop in Connecticut at the Woodbury Pewter Co Outlet, like a real-life image from a Norman Rockwell painting. You will know the building when you see the vintage red pickup truck with a Christmas tree in the back as you’re driving into Woodbury. As you can see, I just couldn’t help myself! After only a few days of driving past their new display I had to stop by with my camera. (Pictured here is the original red truck they had out front, but they have since upgraded to another vintage truck with a shinier paint job. They are more than happy when people stop by for some photo ops.)

I could not get enough of this rustic vintage truck. I am sure that I attracted quite the audience as I pranced around it with my camera. Seriously, how can you resist? Honey, it’s cold outside! I have had this H&M sweater for a couple years now and I still adore it. People always ask me if I buy a lot of new clothes for the blog posts, and the answer is no. I buy clothing that I absolutely love to wear over and over and over again and I mix and match it with other accessories that I have had for a while and clothing that was gifted to me (like this scarf from Christmas several years ago and this skirt from last Christmas). I bought this purse for less than twelve quid in England seven years ago when I was studying in Canterbury, Kent. My goal with this blog is to inspire people, but not to make them feel the need to buy new things. That being said, the Woodbury Pewter Co is a lovely suggestion if you are doing some holiday shopping this year. If you plan on shopping, please support your local businesses this holiday season. Time to explore inside. It is just as cute as their Christmas truck. The first thing you will see is this mini truck to match the one outside. This shop is a wonderful place to go for your holiday needs because they have creative and thoughtful gifts, dinnerware, treats, holiday cards, and wrapping essentials. If you are looking for something holiday inspired, this is your place for almost everything on your list. Pancake mixes, maple syrup, and teas for your Christmas breakfast. 
My favorite are these holiday dishtowels: These specialty foods make great gifts and treats for the Christmas Eve appetizer table. I have always liked plaid, but I am a really big fan of plaid this season. You can find plaid linen napkins, table cloths, towels, and even cozy plaid blankets; perfect for snuggling up to the fire this coming winter. Some classic Christmas toys are already under the tree. With the season being so busy, don’t forget to stop and play this holiday! This is where I found the perfect stocking-stuffers. I will be coming back for some of these giant classic candy canes. And everything you need for wrapping from paper to ribbon to bags and tags can be found here as well. Be sure to like Woodbury Pewter Factory Outlet on Facebook and like Live Lovely Photography to follow up on more holidays blog posts. 


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