The Best Way To Spend A Day In Savannah, Georgia

I am sure that there are many best ways to spend a day in Savannah, GA. But if you only have a day to explore, you may find following in my footsteps to be a good start. We took a day trip detour to Savannah at the beginning of the summer when we went to Charleston. My first impression was that the city was busier and slightly more modern in most places around the city than Charleston. The historic streets felt older, darker, and grittier than the pastel rainbow row that we explored the day before. In Savannah it is easier to imagine the lives that lived in the past, the echo of horseshoes on cobblestone, and the merchants that worked there.

Charleston and Savannah are two completely different cities and I do not feel that they should be compared to one another, however, most people planning a trip tend to see both because of their close proximity. To make it easier for people planning a trip I do draw some comparisons along the way. Also, I am sure there is a lot more to Savannah than we had time to see in a single day. Perhaps one day I will return again and see more of the city.

To get into the city from South Carolina you will make your way across a suspension bridge.

Trollies carry residents and tourists across the city. When you make it to the historic center you will come across steep stairwells leading down to the old city. It is as if the stairwells are a passage away from the modern world into historic Savannah. You will feel as if you are stepping back in time. River Street along the Savannah River will be one of the highlights of your trip. I could not get enough of the old cobblestone and the historic doorways.We stumbled upon Books on Bay by mistake. This gem was hidden past a thin dark alleyway. If you love books even half as much as I do, you will not want to miss this lovely little book shop.  Books on Bay specializes in vintage books, particularly children and young adult books.Can this building be any more fun?Nancy Drew books may be found here by the hundreds. I also found numerous other gems, but only took home one! I discovered the girl’s series Vicki Barr. It is about a young woman named Vicki who wants to become a airplane stewardess. I fell in love with the first book, Vicki Barr gets her wings, on the very first page.You will also come across some unique finds, like this Ginger Rogers mystery book I found hidden on a bottom shelf.We had more exploring to do, so we made our way back up the steps, book in hand, and walked to Savannah City Hall.We ended up circling back to River Street, our new favorite part of the city. You can take a tug boat tour of the river from here.If you try anything new in Savannah, let it be the candy. Savannah’s Candy Kitchen may be the most famous, but River Street Sweets was our favorite sugary find.An absolute must is trying free samples! I had never had a candied pecan before I tried them here, and I could not get enough. Bags of these make great gifts and souvenirs from your trip to Savannah. I do love baskets! These summer staples may be found along River Street. One thing that was very different in Savannah from Charleston was that even though Charleston has its large share of tourists, Savannah felt a little less authentic. Most shops carried t-shirts and tchotchkes aimed at tourists. In a way, I felt that it took away from the history of the city and the local flavor. However, you will find some creative gifts along the way. Another must-see if the Savannah City Market. Come here for lunch, art, carriage rides, and more candy.And here you will find the famous Savannah Candy Kitchen, where I discovered the amazingness of pralines! These delicious fudge covered pecans are incredible. You have to try a sample! You may just bring some home.You might have noticed that I have not suggested any restaurants, museums, and numerous other attractions. I have done this because I hope you take my suggestions, but also go off the beaten path and discover new places all your own. I hope you plan a great trip to Savannah one day. To see more of my travel and photography please like my Facebook page.

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