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Carl and Stephanie were married on Saturday, July 20, 2013. The rain came down the night before, leaving a beautiful sunny sky for their Michigan wedding. I took over 3,500 photos during the course of the day from getting ready until the end of the reception. The photogenic location and picture perfect couple made it difficult to narrow down the photos. In college I studied photojournalism. The main goal of a photojournalist is to tell the whole story, sometimes with one phenomenal image, other times with a series. A wedding is a long story for a photojournalist to cover. Usually, I narrow down my blog posts much more than this, but I felt that a lot of the photos of the day really captured the atmosphere of the event. In other words, I posted way more photos than I should, but I just couldn’t help myself! Viewers typically like to see more photos any way so I figured it was a win-win. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Salon (Hair & Makeup): Steven Michaels Studio

Blooms: Wedding Celebrations & Creations

Ceremony & Reception: Fox Hills Country Club in Michigan

I love when the guys goof around as they get ready. Carl and Matt were practicing putting on the wedding bands. Arriving at Fox Hills.The dressing room was extremely dark and difficult to take pictures in, however, I loved the bird decorations and the swirling wall paper. I used the wall as a back drop for some portraits later on in the afternoon.Stephanie’s mother laced her gown. Who doesn’t love a blue sky and dramatic pictures?These photos are unposed. Stephanie was standing there so elegantly. A couple clicks of the shutter and I got these pretty portraits. The ceremony location was gorgeous. Stephanie’s father prepares for his decent down the aisle (or should I say path?)Carl’s mother looks down at the ceremony set up before leaving the shade to take her seat. She looks like a very proud mom on Carl’s wedding day. Golf carts! I was able to drive one for the first time the day before while scoping out photography locations. I only drove for a minute because I couldn’t look around and drive at the same time, but now I can check “drive a golf cart,” off my life list. 

Maybe I shared too many pictures, but with a couple this beautiful how could I stop myself? Please leave a comment for Stephanie and Carl or leave me a note with some constructive criticism below. If you loved these photos please click on my Facebook link at the top of this page and “Like” my page. It would be super appreciated. Feel free to share these photos with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Part Two will be here early next week. 

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Heather Hamilton - August 19, 2013 - 6:35 am

Stephie, you are dangerously photogenic! The camera loves you to pieces. Or is Courtney just skilled enough to make it look that way? Sigh, you were so glamorous on your wedding day.