Standing on the Shore -Maryland Photographer

Today is my 23rd birthday and I have a really good feeling about year twenty-three. Do you know that feeling when you know something great is about to begin? I am having one of those standing-in-front-of-the-shore kind of moments. My feet are just touching the water and I’m looking out at something greater than myself, knowing that I am a part of it, but not in deep yet. Not all water is shallow and it is a good thing that I was raised on a small lake and can swim.  I am ready to tread some water and swim away from the safety of the shore and the softness of the sand. Bring the waves, bring in the storm.Two weekends ago Matthew took me to Cape May, New Jersey. I had never been there before and  love discovering new places. It also gave me a great excuse to wear my new sun hat. I love adventure, yet I also thrive for small silent moments of watching the waves crash over rocks, reading poetry (or writing it), and watching Matthew discover the name of yet another beautiful free bird. His constant search for discovery and curiosity for life is inspiring. It reminds me to always enjoy that sense of wonder and to look at the world’s beauty with appreciative eyes.
On your birthday, and every day, make a promise to yourself to breathe in every moment and always dream. But don’t just dream. You can stay on the shore and be a spectator your whole life through or you can learn to swim and go far. 

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