Spontaneous Visit To Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden | Richmond, VA

The Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden was a spontaneous stop on our long drive home to Connecticut from Charleston at the beginning of the summer. This year Matthew and I have adopted a new mindset for long road trips. We now leave even earlier and we don’t stress ourselves out with an exact arrival time. That way there is no speeding, no rush, no stress, and more time for exploration along the way.

We stopped at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden because we both love gardens and we heard that they had an amazing conservatory greenhouse. Adult admission is $13 each. Unfortunately, you cannot bring in your own food for a picnic. We enjoyed our trip to the garden because the plants were lovely, the greenhouse was spectacular, and the main fountain was a treasure. Matthew and I both prefer our gardens a little more natural, more wild, more earthy. These gardens were very manicured with cement walkways and metal railings. They were beautiful, but modern and organized. My favorite part of the garden was the jungle hidden inside the greenhouse.

Rose gardens are our personal favorites. When Matthew and I first started dating he used to take me to a rose garden in New York. I lobe how he always stops to smell the flowers.

At the center of the garden is the fountain and walkway that leads to the greenhouse. The conservatory looks like a glass palace.

One day I want to attach a miniature glass greenhouse to my future home. A little bistro table, maybe a mini fountain, and plants all year long.

This plant kaleidoscope was amazing. I managed to get a photos through the little view finder.

 In the side room we found a miniature house! Can I just live here inside this greenhouse?

 You will love the free butterfly exhibit located in the back of the greenhouse.

After our leisurely detour, we made it back to our car (after taking a portrait of us together) and drove back to Connecticut, making another stop in Annapolis Maryland for dinner.



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