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When first starting my business I was given a lot of great advice from business know-hows to photo tips, portfolios, and blog posts. I also read several great books (one of the best ways to learn about any subject). I was told to only post a few great photos from every wedding because too many photos drowns out the impact of the best images. This is definitely true for portfolios, and often for blog posts as well. However, when it comes to my own blog I really do need to post things my way.

                                                                  (Photo found on Facebook, Original creator unknown. I do not own the copyrights to this photo.)

Blog posts are highly personal and reflect your business brand and personal style. Advice from others is a powerful tool, but only you know what is best with you. Follow your instincts. I am a story teller. I tell the story of each wedding and photo shoot through positive photojournalism.


Personally, I cannot tell a complete story with only ten photos or less. Every detail and highlight of the day is an important piece of the scene for what took place. I love what I do and I always have a hard time selecting my favorite images because I emotionally connect with every single one. And if the photos are pretty good I figure that people don’t mind seeing more. In fact, they usually prefer it.


When creating your own blog posts, make the decisions that are in your own vision of what your blog should be. On the fence about a certain image? Don’t post it. Really wish you could post more, but someone said not to? Post them.

So take good advice, share your own wisdom, but always stay true to yourself and your business. A lot of people are doing amazing things, but there is only one you.

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