Riley’s First Birthday -Cake Smash

I have a special treat for you today for the blog. On Thursday I photographed the wedding of Jessica and Christopher Shearer (Those photos will be posted next week) and the day after I photographed their son Riley’s first birthday party. Jess is a creative person with a vintage business called Vintage Lush. (Find it and like it on Facebook. You will love her work!) Riley loves Shrek. For his first birthday she went above and beyond to make a Shrek party that no one will forget. I have documented every little detail. I hope that her home made decorations inspire you. Yes, Jess made the cake too! She made it with the same friend who made her wedding cake. Looking up at the balloons. Making Shrek candy apples:And Shrek macaroni and cheese.Riley loves his Momma.Riley watching his Daddy on the grill.
Time for the cake smash. At first he was really interested in the shrek ears on top of the cake.Uh-oh! Riley didn’t like getting sticky frosting on his hands.                                                                                                                                              The End.

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