Photo Friday -Assateague Island, Maryland

This was meant to be my Photo Friday post, but by the time the photos finally uploaded last night it was well after midnight. So here it is a day later.

Every once in a while I get the chance to have a small adventure, which I think is so important to being healthy and happy. Life is too short to work or worry all of the time. Going away for just one day, or even a short weekend, can mean so much. I haven’t had much time alone in nature this year until last weekend. My boyfriend Matthew’s parents came to visit us in Maryland and we went to Assateague island for a weekend. Matthew and I camped by the beach and his parents stayed in a hotel. Unexpectedly, it was biker week in Ocean City, near the island so we had some fun times on Saturday by the boardwalk and on our way home we stopped in my personal favorite little city: Annapolis.

I love Matthew so much and these stolen moments are so precious to me. We finally had some “time for us,” which coincidentally was the name of a beautiful yacht in the Annapolis bay. I wanted to share some of our mini-cation photos. I hope that you enjoy this little insight.

I couldn’t even guess how many motorcycles were in Ocean City that weekend. The sound, the energy was beyond words. My father always had a motorcycle and he took me for many rides over the years. The feeling was almost nostalgic. Here we are in 1992:

A shadow picture, just because we had to try one at least once  🙂Just moments after we set up our tent 5 wild horses came out from behind the trees and surrounded the tent. My camera wasn’t on me at the moment, but some times that is for the best. You cannot fully live in a moment if you are hidden behind a camera or occupied with getting the perfect exposure. Live in the moment, don’t just be an observer. A gorgeous good morning sunrise walk on the beach. It was not so much the sunrise that enchanted me, but the light upon the waves. I have always loved being out on the water. I grew up on a small lake called Lake Zoar in Connecticut. Kayaking is one of my favorite activities. Matthew and I were able to rent a canoe for an hour and explore the bay side or Assateaugue. We quickly came across some gorgeous wild horses by the marshes and they let us up close. My father took me here twice and I have always wanted to share this place with Matthew. I am so glad that I finally did! My favorite little Annapolis tea shop:

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