My Top Twenty-Five New England Autumn Check List

Autumn is pure magic in New England. Since the morning after Halloween, I have watched as the Christmas decorations have come out, but Autumn is only half way over. In my opinion, it doesn’t end until December 1st when Thanksgiving is a lovely and warm memory. We still have time. I’m going to enjoy this crisp lovely Autumn all month long. How many Autumn activities have you checked off your list?

1.Collect vibrant Autumn leaves

2. Go for a lakeside hike. The reflection of the leaves on the water heightens the colorful experience.

3. Watch the sunrise from a canoe.

4. Eat an apple cider donut.

5. Have a Halloween movie marathon. (Here is my must watch list.)

6. Bake an apple pie or apple dump cake, like my grandmother’s apple dump cake recipe.

7. Pick-your-own apples or pumpkins.

8. Carve a pumpkin.

9. Drive Vermont’s scenic Route 100. (Or any leaf-peeping road trip.)

10. Read Edgar Allan Poe or a favorite spooky classic.

11. Wear a creative Halloween costume.

12. Listen to “the monster mash.”

13. Get lost (and then found) in a corn maze.

14. Spend a cozy night in a rustic cabin.

15. Spend a weekend camping and hiking amongst the vibrant foliage.

16. Two words: haunted hayride.

17. Spend a spooky Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts.

18. Go to an Autumn country fair.

19. Support a local farm.

20. Visit Mount Washington in New Hampshire.

21. Hike to a waterfall.

22. Be thankful.

23. Watch the Macy’s Day Parade on Thanksgiving morning.

24. Eat a waffle cone with pumpkin ice cream from a local farm. (Rich Farm’s pumpkin ice cream is my absolute favorite!)

25. Visit the Book Barn in Niantic, CT or your favorite used book store.


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