My Favorite Blog Posts Of 2017

2017 was the year that I truly branched out into the blogosphere. For years I have been sharing my photography and wedding tips online, however, I knew that I wanted to do so much more. I absolutely adore weddings, but they are only a fraction of what I love to do and what inspires me. I am a photographer, a writer, an adventurer, a traveler, a vinyl-lover, a bookworm, an old Hollywood-watching, simple living enthusiast who loves romance and life. Sometimes I am a little tea obsessed (like three or more cups a day) or I get lost into the world inside my imagination while researching something new and amazing. Life is so lovely and I knew that I wanted to share that with others. 

2017 is the year that I quit a toxic job to pursue my blog full time while working another job part-time to support this big dream. Here are my favorite blog posts of the year starting with my, to the travel posts, simple living, and wedding posts that made 2017 one of my best years to date. 


I Quit A Toxic Job To Pursue My Dream Life

Tuesday Tea: Hygge 

This Fun Winter Wonderland Engagement 

Tuesday Tea: Simplicity In Action

Her Life Changed The Moment She Let It 

Behind The Scenes In Puerto Rico | Vieques & Old San Juan

My Unplugged Travel Philosophy 

Live Lovely | Living With Enough

Middleton Place Plantation | Charleston, SC 

Connecticut Wedding Vendor Spotlight | JF3 Productions 

Tuesday Tea | Taking Back The Weekend 

Why Engagement Portraits Are Important 

Live Lovely | When Dreams Take Flight 

How Blogging Has Changed My Life 

Lavender Pond Farm | Killingworth | Connecticut Charm 

How To Be True To Your Travel Style 

Mini Travel Guide | How To Spend A Day With Lady Liberty 

Duvets And Other Cozy Things 

Plainville Hot Air Balloon Festival | The Largest Hot Air Balloon Festival In New England | Connecticut Charm

Sailing To Charles Island | Connecticut Charm 

Surprise Proposal | Kari & Will 

A Canoe View | Adventures In Vermont 

Three Simple Ways To Add Some Wow To Your Engagement Shoot 

The Macy’s Day Parade | A Life Goal Adventure In NYC 


I am often surprised and very delighted by the direction that 2017 has taken me. I’m hoping to keep up the momentum and even build it up even more this new year. 2018 is going to have a little more to offer. 

What you can expect in 2018:

  • My Year of Living Lovely project is in full swing. Expect weekly or bi-weekly posts featuring ideas, tips, and inspiration to fit each month’s goal to help you craft a life that you love. 
  • More Wedding advice! As a bride-to-be, I have been learning even more about wedding planning than ever before. I hope to share my advice with my clients and other couples who are planning a wedding of their own. I will also continue my Wedding Vendor Spotlight series and sharing tips to make sure your wedding photos come out their possible best. 
  • A whole lot of travel!!! We are spending three lovely weeks in France, Italy, and Greece for our honeymoon and you can be sure that I will be taking plenty of lovely photos. I will also be sharing my travel advice (like how to book a plane ticket to Paris for only $150! -We did it and you can too), honeymoon tips, mini guides, and how to take better travel photos. Of course, I will also continue my Connecticut Charm, New England, and other US travel posts throughout the year as well. 
  • More Tuesday Tea posts and simple living. I believe in living life to the fullest, but that does not always mean great adventures or faraway travels. I am an extreme introvert and I love my quiet time spent at home or locally with the people that I love. Expect more simple living posts to inspire your cozy days. 
  • Even better photos. Every time I take my camera out I do my best to learn more and to improve.


Here is to making 2018 our best year yet!  











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