Mrs. Bridge’s Pantry & The Primitive Crow | Woodstock | Connecticut Charm

After nearly two years of wanting to visit Woodstock (and never finding the time) I finally made the trip. And by Woodstock, I mean Woodstock Connecticut, not the Woodstock you may be thinking of. This tiny town is located in the upper East side of the state, nearly two hours from our home village. It is a gorgeous town and now one of my personal Fall favorites. 

I had a list of places I wanted to see in Woodstock, but we didn’t have time to squeeze them all into one afternoon. The first place on my list was Mrs. Bridge’s Pantry. It is no secret that I love tea. I first heard of Woodstock when I researched tea houses in Connecticut. This little cottage nestled in the trees is a true British tea house. I studied abroad in Canterbury, Kent, England during my junior year of college and one thing I missed the most was the clotted cream (like a whipped cream and butter) served with scones with jam and tea. When I returned to the States I was sad to discover that you cannot find clotted cream in the US, at least not in any grocery stores. Mrs. Bridge’s Pantry had all the comforts of England that I wish I could have brought home with me. 

“Carpe tea-um.” The long list of teas is extraordinary. I ordered the rose petal green tea and Matthew ordered the Passionfruit mango and they were both delicious. One of the many things I loved about British restaurants was that they felt like you were in a home. Mrs’s Bridge’s pantry feels the same, with cozy tables, lovely wallpaper, and music playing softly in the background. Cheers! I’m so lucky to be with a fiancĂ© that will sit in a tea house and sip tea with me from these little tea cups. Some ladies sitting in the corner thought he was the sweetest for indulging me and he really is! I ordered a scone with my afternoon tea and Matthew ordered a sandwich. The menu has authentic British food. Our table side neighbors told us the quiche is incredible. A cranberry orange scone fresh out of the oven. Before you leave, take a look around the gift shop. Be sure to like Mrs. Bridge’s Pantry on Facebook.  But don’t leave just yet! Directly to the left of Mrs. Bridge’s Pantry you will find Primitive Crow, a lovely and unique gift shop filled with antiques and home decor. The perfect place to sit and take in the Autumn season. The owner, Beth, let us take photos around her lovely shop. She was so helpful about telling us about the area and where to go. Check out her Facebook page here for Primitive Crow.  Happy Fall, y’all. We picked up this book in Primitive Crow that will assist us in our future adventure’s. Beth is friends with the author and I recognize this book from my local library. If you’re looking for the perfect Autumn local-getaway, Woodstock has it all from cute shops and restaurants to apple orchards and museums. I’ll be posting some photos from Woodstock Orchards next. Enjoy your Fall season this year and go exploring around your own home state. 

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