Meagan & Gareth | Hot Air Balloon Festival | Connecticut Wedding Photographer

aAll year long I have been waiting for the Plainville Connecticut Hot Air Balloon Festival. A couple weekends ago it was finally here and I had the pleasure of photographing Meagan and Gareth, who drove through the crazy traffic to get there, in front of these beautiful balloons. Before they arrived I walked around the park in awe of these amazing flying machines. I met a man who owns the oldest working hot air balloon that he made by hand over 40 years ago and stood under a balloon shortly after it was inflated to see the flames burst under the colorful canopy. Each team has someone on the ground that follows the balloon in a truck to pack it away once they land. Next year I might just have to go up in the sky in one of these.

Well over a thousand people gathered to see the balloons inflate, take off, and glow at night. A special thank you to Meagan and Gareth who were so wonderful throughout the shoot. They battled crazy traffic, large crowds, and extreme heat to get these photos. Meagan and Gareth, you two are amazing and so much fun to work with.

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