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I was desperate for allergy relief when I discovered the local salt cave near my work when searching for treatment online. After discovering my allergy to Ashe Juniper trees during my recent trip to Texas, I would have given anything to stop blowing my nose every five minutes and soothe my closed up throat. That is when I discovered the salt cave close to home. $40 for a 45 minute session and I was feeling tempted, but with multiple treatments required, I felt that I was better off creating my own “salt cave” at home to save money for my upcoming wedding. At this point, I was already away from the allergen and improving, but I still felt miserable.  

What is a salt cave?

You may have seen the pink Himalayan salt that has taken over the health world recently. If not, it is a very mineral rich pink salt that comes from the salt caves in Pakistan and a few other places in the world. The rich mineral content makes it a healthier substitute for your typical table salt and it is pink too, so what is not to love? However, it also has numerous other healing powers. This salt purifies air and also removes pollutants, making surrounding yourself with it a great idea if you have allergies.

Salt caves are rooms that use this knowledge to create a healthy and clean spa-like environment. They are rooms that are covered completely in pink Himalayan salt and kept clean to create super pure air. With pink Himalayan salt lamps, the lights are kept low for relaxation and stress relief. It is very common for people to use these caves for meditation and yoga practices and a few 45 minute sessions are believed to be a homeopathic remedy for allergies and asthma. 

As I am on a budget and I was willing to try anything to relieve these allergy symptoms, I researched how to use the benefits of pink Himalayan salt on my own at home. It turns out, this salt also removes toxins from your body and your can treat yourself by pouring a half cup full into your hot bath. Turning your bathroom into a salt cave might just be the next best thing. 

Enjoy your own pink Himalayan salt soak at home:

  • Draw a very warm bath and pour a half cup for pink Himalayan salt into the bath water. Finely crushed salt crystals will adsorb into the water faster than larger salt crystals. 
  • As the salt does not have a scent, you may add your favorite scented bath oil to your bath if you are looking for some essential oil therapy as well. 
  • Keep the lights off and use scentless white candles to create a spa-like atmosphere. 
  • Bonus if you have a pink Himalayan salt lamp nearby. 
  • To take in all of the benefits of the salt soak, experts recommend at least forty minutes. Make sure that you have a glass of water nearby and to add cold water or get out if you feel dizzy from the heat. To maximize your time, bring in a  good book or listen to some relaxing music. 
  • To take in all benefits, continue to take salt baths over the next few days. 

So, does it work?

Overall, I feel that the Himalayan salt baths helped, but I was also away from the pollen so it could have been a coincidence. However, there is no mistaking the benefits of a hot bath when you’re feeling run down. The humidity in the air helped a lot and the warm water was the perfect stress relief. It also turned my bathtub a little pink, but it cleaned off with a gentle rinse. Overall, after just a couple days I felt amazing. I will be keeping a jar of pink Himalayan salt in my bathroom from now on.   

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