Lovely Look: A Preview of Christina & Matt’s Just Because Photo Shoot

Today turned out to be an amazing day, rain, wind, and all. I was supposed to help another photographer with a wedding in Virginia today. Last night I texted the photographer to make sure that we were going to be meeting in DC at 6 am. He responded that he no longer needed me to help. We’ve had this planned for almost 2 months and I’m not even sure if he would have told me today if I hadn’t texted him. I would have left at 4:30 this morning only to find out an hour and a half later that I wasted a lot of gas and time.

However, if all that had not happened I wouldn’t have discovered that there was a festival in Bel Air that had hot air balloons. I contacted my friends Christina and Matt to ask if they wanted to go and have an impromptu photo shoot and they said yes! The heavy winds kept the balloons from being able to inflate so we don’t have colorful balloon photos, but I think we made the most of the day and what the Bel Air Equestrian Center had to offer.

I was really glad to have had the time to get to know my new friends a little better and I learned about hot air balloons from two nice balloon owners, Mike and Joe. Their website is I learned today that the woven baskets are still the preferred method to fly because of the flexibility and durability of the wicker. We left about 10 minutes before the rain came down.

All of Christina and Matt’s photos will be up on Monday so come back for more fun photos.

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