Live Lovely | When Dreams Take Flight

Last summer I knew that I was going to fly a plane. I knew I would start a blog, become a full-time photographer, write, travel, and live a lovely life. . . someday.

I fell into the someday trap, which I told myself was alright because it was only temporary. One day I would make my dreams happen. One day turned into five years until this past Spring I snapped myself out of it.

There had been many tipping points over the past several years where the universe has been telling me that life is too short and to just go for it. Loved ones passed away, we moved around and lived in places that made us miserable, we faced hardships, and bad jobs came and went. It wasn’t until I was bullied at the office I had been working at that I decided I had had enough. I had faced bullies before, but after six months of harassment and doing everything in my power to solve the situation and maintain my integrity, I realized that the only reason I was “trapped” in this situation was because I chose to be. It really was a choice. I didn’t have to go back, that was just a choice I made everyday. I was trying to do the “right thing” for everyone else, instead of what was right for me. It was a “great” job, I had been told. The benefits were amazing, I was important to the office, and it paid well. It was stable and I could retire there one day. All I know is that I did not want to go back and live with that misery every day. So I made a choice and I quit.

I knew that I wanted to become a full-time photographer and blogger, so I chose to be one. I knew that I wanted to live a life that I loved every day so I chose to do so. I chose to travel more, and I started chasing my dreams. I wanted to fly, so I did!

Since life is all about choices, I asked myself, “What can I do right now to get myself to where I want to be?” Then I started doing it.

Instead of dreaming, make your goals into promises. Turn “someday” into “today.” And always keep your promises to yourself.

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