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I have not been this excited over something new in a long time. The other day my French market basket arrived in the mail. I have been seeing these a lot lately and fell in love with the look. In France, people use these baskets daily to carry groceries and fresh flowers. They are durable, serve a functional purpose, and are absolutely lovely. As I use reusable totes for all of my shopping, I knew that I had to add a French market basket to my collection for all the farmers markets and picnics I have planned this Spring and Summer. It also helps that I have a love affair with baskets, I really do. Everyday I checked the mailroom at our apartment complex and it is finally here!

I feel very strongly about using reusable bags because I hate to think what happens to the plastic bags I bring home (even after I recycle them). So I will not forget, I like to keep a couple totes in my car just in case I make an unexpected stop at the store on my way home. Choosing a bag or basket that you really like also makes it more likely that you will stick to using it. I have been removing plastic from my life little-by-little. I replaced my plastic toothbrush with a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush (Plant-based Bamboo Toothbrush Adult Size (Pack of 4)), my Tupperware with glass containers and jars, plastic sandwich bags with reusable sandwich bags (Lunchskins 3pk Reusable Sandwich Bags: Apple Orange Pear), and plastic wrap with Beeswrap (Bee’s Wrap Sustainable Reusable Food Storage Assorted 3 Pack). Plastic isn’t healthy for me or the environment. And as a side note, plastic is not pretty either. All of my reusable and eco-friendly items are lovely to look at. They’re affordable, last much longer, and make my home more lovely.

This basket is everything I hoped it would be, although a tad larger than I expected. It is made from hand woven grasses so it has unique quirks. I bought the one with the long AND short straps so that I would have versatility in the ways that I carry it. I also couldn’t decide, so this way I didn’t have to choose one or the other. Based on the reviews, I didn’t think the straps would be super sturdy, but they were thicker and more secure than I thought. I shopped around and was sad to discover that most market baskets are anywhere between $50 and $80 bucks a piece. Thankfully, I found this one on Amazon for a little under $40. Still, it seems like a lot for a grocery bag, even a glamorous French one. “I can always return it,” I told myself. No way am I returning this basket! It was worth it.

I have provided a link to the exact same market basket that I bought:

You’ll laugh, but I feel more sophisticated with this French market basket on my shoulder or in my home. “Where are you going to put that thing?” Matthew asked, seeing that I brought something new into our tiny home. I keep it hanging in the bedroom or by the door. It is way too pretty to hide in my pantry with my other shopping totes. I plan on using it at the market very soon and fulfilling my personal promise to pick up fresh flowers more often. Between us, I feel slightly more French. C’est phénoménal.

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