Litchfield In The Snow | Connecticut Charm

Litchfield is a magical town the whole year through, but I really do love it most in the snow. It is the quintessential New England town complete with a cute downtown, lovely winter decorations, and friendly people. This town reminds me of Cazenovia New York, the little village that I lived in during my college years and I truly miss it this time of year. 
One of my favorite parts about walking through town are the winter decorations on the main street. You are really walking in a winter wonderland.
Matthew really is the best adventure buddy. 

We stopped by Ollie’s pizza several months ago and I really enjoyed their flatbread. 

I haven’t been inside R. Derwin Clothiers, but I love this pink door! I need to make it a point to stop in some time this year.  

I found another Little Free Library! I know that you can look them up online, but I like to stumble upon them mysteriously. I always get really excited when I find one on my travels! So far I have found them in Glastonbury, Oxford, Salem (MA), Manchester, and Stonington Borough. Now I can add Litchfield to my list.  This town looks like a post card! It is the perfect Connecticut Christmas town. Yes, you read the right: the earliest American law school. Litchfield is overflowing with history. 
The cutest library. 
Before you leave, make sure to take a scenic drive through town to look at all the gorgeous historic houses. 
A simply lovely way to spend a snow afternoon. 


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