Lenny & Joe’s Ice Cream Shack | Connecticut Charm | Ice Cream Trail

In Connecticut I have a long list of my favorite ice cream farms, shacks, and shops. I am currently working on research (very serious business, ice cream is) to find the best ice cream places around for a Connecticut ice cream trail post this summer. Somehow I had missed Lenny & Joe’s Ice Cream Shack. We were on our way back home from kayaking in the sound along the Connecticut Shoreline and came across Lenny & Joe’s on the side of the road in Madison, CT. 

The Ice Cream Shack is located right behind their casual seafood restaurant named “Fish Tale.” (That looks pretty good too!) What drew us in with the miniature “magical carousel” right behind the shack. Much too small for a grown-up like myself, this little carousal is super charming and all the proceeds go to local charities. Perhaps it is magic after all. 

So far they have raised over a million dollars for local children’s charities! How amazing is that!? 

The ice cream was pretty yummy too. 

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