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Lavender Pond Farm has to be one of Connecticut’s best kept secrets. Last summer I was really wishing I could afford a spontaneous trip to Provence to see the lavender fields so I decided to see what local fields I could find in New England, not even imagining that one could be so close to home. I never made the trip last summer, but I kept my promise to myself this year and put it on my life-list. This farm truly is a dream come true.

Although small in size, this farm packs in a lot of lavender in such as small space. When I was asked to do a maternity shoot styled around a long white dress, I knew that this was the place it had to be. To see the full maternity post, click here.

There is a pond located right behind the barn and even though the high season finished at the end of July (the darker purple varieties of lavender had already been harvested) this light and fragrant lavender was all around.

There is a gazebo and a wooden swing, perfect for strolling along or for a photo shoot. To book a time for a photo shoot here ($25 for an hour of time) you will need to sign up on their website.

This year the farm just started accepting a limited number of weddings every year and they also started selling a homemade lavender lemonade. Their store is open on weekdays until 4 p.m.

Any chess fans? We were surprised to find this large chess set right in the middle of the fields.

As you can see, I had a little helper with me! At the end of the maternity shoot, Jess and Brian helped me take a few photos of me for the blog. Elliana was eager to play and run around in the fields too.

You will find lovely picnic tables here and the cutest rainbow row of bee houses for honey bees. The farm recently installed a “solar flower,” a solar unit that unfolds in the shape of a flower to take care of the entire farm’s energy needs. It is the first of its kind in New England. I highly recommend checking out the website to learn all about it.

On Saturday mornings you can join a group for yoga in the lavender field.

As for me, I’m just going to soak up this lovely lavender scent and take in the beauty all around me as if I am on a holiday to France.

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