Labor Day Weekend -Annapolis Wedding Photographer

I am so happy that today is Labor Day. (Who doesn’t like a three day weekend?) My mother came to visit me this weekend with her boyfriend, Tom. We spent Saturday in Annapolis and went to the Bengies drive-in. (We watched all 5 films and made it home at 6 a.m.) Matthew bought me the floppy hat just before these photos were taken. Sunday was spent talking and catching up. We made a wonderful dinner together and today we said good bye. It was great to share my new home with my mom. We took these photos in my favorite photo place by the water in Historic Annapolis. I love looking at all of the sail boats! (Learning to sail is on my life goal list.) I wanted to share some photos of my family today because small moments with family and loved ones is so important, any day of the year. Enjoy the rest of your labor day!

I set my manual camera settings up and handed the camera to my mom. Matthew and I haven’t had many photos taken of us together this year. Matthew took these mother-daughter photos for us. He is doing great with my new camera. My mom isn’t fond of having her photo taken, so these photos are real treasures.

Happy Monday! 

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