Karissa & Phil | New York City Photo Shoot |Connecticut Wedding Photographer

a11I cannot think of a better way to welcome Autumn than to share these photos from the end of summer in NYC. Karissa and Phil were fantastic to photograph. Phil was a hero and actually drove us all throughout the city so we could easily (that word maybe isn’t the best way to describe NYC traffic traveling) get to our destinations for the day. We started with the Brooklyn Bridge. It was my first time actually seeing the bridge up close (another check off my life goals list) and made our way to the Flat Iron Building, Time Square, and Central Park. I am a small town girl at heart, but I love to travel and visiting cities is always exciting.  Karissa and Phil could not have been more perfect and city chic for this New York City photo shoot.

Karissa used to live in the city so she knew her way around and was an amazing guide. I loved every moment of the day so I ended up with 488 favorite photos. I had a hard time narrowing it down to just these images. Thank you, Karissa and Phil, for making my city photo dreams come true.
bcc2defghijklmno“Secret Guide To Fabulous” couldn’t be a more perfect way to title these photos. pHonest, I did not set out to recreate the famous Victory Day Kiss photograph in Time Square. It was not until I was editing the photos that I realized that I must have subconsciously recreated one of my favorite photographs. What a fun surprise. qrstuvwxyza1c1b1d1e1f1z2z1z3z4z5z6z7z8z9z10z11z12z13z14z15z16z17z18z19z21z22z23z24z25z26

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