Jessie’s Maternity Session | Connecticut Photographer | Lovely Maternity

My idea of a maternity photo shoot is to show the beauty of motherhood and the relationship of the parents-to-be. Cliches and heart shaped hands over bellies can be cute, but do not show the nature of motherhood. I have seen a lot of artistic nude maternity photos, which at times can be very beautiful, but don’t really show the personality of the mom-to-be. When taking maternity photos my goal is to showcase the beauty of the subject, not just as a mother, but as an individual as well. Jessie and Wojtek are a stunning couple and will be amazing parents. Over the past couple years they have been redesigning their new home together. The best place to start a maternity photo shoot is at the home-sweet-home of the family and that is where we started our journey. We ended up at the local Fairfield Beach in Fairfield Connecticut. 

Jessie makes it look so effortless, but it was freezing on Sunday with a strong breeze by the water. Behind me Wojtek stood ready with her jacket to bundle her back up. I told her we didn’t have to take any more photos, that we had taken a lot already, but she wanted to see the photo shoot through. Now that is my kind of dream client: someone who wants the best shot just as much as I do! It was definitely worth it. 

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