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Today I want to introduce my sweet baby nephew, Caleb, to you! He is an absolute sweetheart and has already stolen all of our hearts. As many of you know, I rarely photograph newborns as wedding photography and couples are my niche. Every once in a while I like to mix it up with a lovely newborn session for the people I love as I truly believe that photography is one of the best gifts I am able to give.

Caleb is a healthy and content baby boy, but shortly after he was first born he became very sick. Doctors discovered that his intestines were twisted and through the amazing skills of his doctors and anesthesiologist, Caleb was put under a very successful surgery where they were able to save his intestines from permanent damage. We are all so thankful to the doctors at Albany Medical Center!

While we were visiting, Jessica and Brian got the news that they could hold Caleb for the first time since the surgery. I know all the tubes and medical equipment may look scary, but it was a very happy day. The Giraffe, the special baby bed Caleb was resting in, is specially designed to keep him healthy and safe from germs. I am thankful that we were able to see them on such a good occasion as Caleb’s recovery.

A few weeks later I was able to visit this lovely family at home. My favorite way to take newborn photos is in the comfort of the family’s home with natural light. Cute outfits, props, and baskets are super adorable, but they’re not as special as authentic moments spent at home. Home sessions are simple, candid, and timeless. These are the moments, the quiet of a cozy afternoon, that we remember most of those first few weeks.

Elliana loves being a big sister. While Caleb was being fed, she put on a Disney princess fashion show, complete with singing and dance moves. She knows her Disney characters and their best songs very well!

The beautiful soft light and the love this family shares makes capturing these moments even lovelier.

These are my favorite moments of the day. If you have newborn photos taken, make sure both mom and dad are able to get in the picture.

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” â€“ Robert Browning

I would like to say that photographing newborns is easy, but that simply would not be true! Babies learn their routines pretty quickly and the definitely know when something strange is going on, like being moved around and posed for pictures. We had a lot of crying photos, like this precious face:

But when the moment arrives, these sweet pictures are worth the patience!

 “A father is a man who expects his son to be as good a man as he meant to be.” -Frank A. Clark



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