How To Summer In Charleston Rain Or Shine | Charleston, SC

Today is a very rainy day here in Connecticut, which is why it is a perfect day to share some fun photos and travel ideas for Charleston, rain or shine. Summer in Charleston is lovely. When we visited a short while ago it ended up being a very rainy four days. The amazing part about South Carolina is that in between downpours the sun would shine bright and it would heat up quickly before raining again. The weather did not keep us from enjoying our trip. 

We spent almost four days in Charleston. To brighten your spirits, you will want to start your journey on Rainbow Row. These brightly painted historic buildings and cobblestone streets are what makes Charleston so magical. You will make many friends along the way, including some new feline friends. 

Then make your way to the iconic pineapple fountain at the waterfront park. 

The beautiful thing about these fountains and that you can swim in them!!! Take a seat on a swinging bench and soak up the beauty of Charleston. 

Find a neat place to eat. Our favorite find was the Blind Tiger Pub. There is a lovely little courtyard in the back and the prices were great. Matthew and I always try to find a creative local place and support local businesses. You really get a feel for the location when you shop and eat local. When you dine in Charleston you have to have a glass of the sweet iced tea!Day two:

Make your way to the famous Charleston City Market.
Women have been weaving baskets here since before the Civil War. The tradition is still carried on today. if you love the sweetgrass baskets, I would suggest one as a great gift or souvenir. One of the vendors told me how during the Civil War women would weave these sweetgrass flowers to give to their men as they left for war, as a token of their undying love. The Charleston Tea Plantation is the only tea plantation in the United States. Bigelow tea, a tea company here in Connecticut, gets their tea from this plantation. The Powder Magazine is the oldest standing structure in Charleston. This little museum is worth a visit! It sounds a bit morbid, but we found the old graveyard by mistake and it was actually a gorgeous place to take a walk. You really won’t want to miss it if you want to experience more of the city’s history. 

Day three:

Go to a plantation or two! We stopped by the McLeod House and Middleton Place. If we had more time we would have also stopped at the Tea Plantation and Boone. 

The rain kept us from exploring the numerous beaches and islands, but we are hoping to make another trip one day soon. 

For day four, make your way to all of your favorite places for one last stroll. On this rainy morning we had the park all to ourselves. 

Then walk to Battery Park. Located right down the road from Rainbow Row and overlooking the water, you will find the loveliest waterfront southern park with a long line of incredible historic mansions.Unfortunately, the Confederacy is still respected and idolized with sculptures and memorials throughout the city. It is a history that should be acknowledged, but not celebrated. When it storms, they come down hard! Much like today’s rainy weather. The market was flooded.If you plan a trip to Charleston, or any trip at all, don’t let a little rain keep you from exploring. You will find pockets of sunlight and memories that will last you a lifetime. 

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