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Autumn in New England is nearly as busy as summer in New England. We run around for family gatherings, weddings, work, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving cooking, and holiday shopping. This Autumn I am vowing to enjoy the season because it comes and goes as fast as the falling leaves. Autumn in New England is pure magic from the colorful sites and festive decorations to the incredible smells of crisp autumn leaves and apple cider. I want to take in these moments that make living in New England so special and unique. We all have our own Fall traditions, but it is my hope this year to inspire you to slow down and take in each of these moments for yourself. Here are some simple ways you too can slow down and enjoy Autumn in New England:

1. Pick-your-own farms may be one of the most popular ways to spend the season, but we can all agree that time slows down at a farm or in an orchard while taking in the natural sights and scents in the air. Be it apples or pumpkins; slow down, get outside, and enjoy the harvest.

2.  Bake a homemade apple pie. Make it with loved ones and enjoy a cozy and delicious day at home.

3.  Go for a walk at least once a day. The air is certainly chillier now, but it is not too cold to enjoy your time outside. Focus on the beautiful changing leaves and the crisp autumn air.

4.  Visit a cider mill. Fresh apple cider is a luxury of the season. Some mills, like B.F. Clyde’s Cider Mill in Old Mystic Connecticut, give cider making demonstrations and tours on weekends. Enjoy yours with an apple cider donut.

5.  Take a day trip. Find a quiet and scenic road and follow it. Stop at interesting places along the way. Vermont’s Route 100 is famous for its scenic leaf-peeping drive.

6.  For extra time outdoors while the leaves are still here, take a camping weekend or go on a hike.

7.  In your home, light natural soy candles scented for the season. Apples, pumpkins, and spices bring the season alive.

8.  Bring the outdoors in with simple leaf arrangements instead of flowers.

9.  Plan an outdoor picnic with comfortable blankets and warm food and cider.

10.  Invite a few close friends over for dinner and cook a simple meal with local ingredients that are in season. When we’re too busy we tend to let it take us away from the people that matter most. Take back those moments.


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