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Stonington Connecticut is a beautiful place, a vibrant town right on the Connecticut shoreline with lovely homes and cute shops, or so I had been told. Located past Mystic and close to the Rhode Island border, Stonington was a town that I had not had the opportunity to explore, although it has been on my list all summer. On our drive home from a beach day with friends in Rhode Island, Matthew and I drove into Stonington for a quick walk about town, and Stonington did not disappoint.

We drove through lovely farmland on our way into the Borough, full of beautiful old homes with stone walls along the road and a surprise sunflower field; a lovely New England sight. We entered the Borough by the main street, passing by old wooden buildings with glass shop windows. Antique shops, boutiques, galleries, and restaurants line the main street. Flowers lined the sidewalks and we pulled into a parking lot by the water to get out and explore.

I had heard rumors about Stonington Borough’s reputation, but I do not feel that any of the descriptions I have been told are an accurate description of this beautiful New England town. Exuding Connecticut Charm, Stonington Borough is private and poised. The town is full of stunning old homes in a lovely array of pastel colors lining every street, including the main roads. The streets are public, but the homes are indeed private, which gives them an isolated air. The people are kind. As in all places, you most often get from people what you give of yourself. If you greet someone passing by with a smile, you will likely get one in return, but if you enter town with a chip on your shoulder, don’t expect a warm welcome.

Stonington is a shoreline town, but it has an atmosphere that is completely unique to itself. If you are looking for a peaceful walk, an intimate meal with a loved one, or small gathering of friends at a coffee shop, or a pleasant afternoon with mom, then Stonington is your place. It is a town that is as mature as its age, perfect for quiet moments watching the sunset by the water, relaxing on the beach, and alone time in the café Social with a good book. An anniversary stay at the historic Inn at Stonington would be a romantic idea.Larger groups and families may find more to do in Mystic, Guilford, or Niantic, however, there is a lovely Lighthouse Museum located right by the beach.

By the beach I found a “My free little library” and borrowed a book. When it is complete I will return it to the local little library box at the Oxford Baking Company. I love hunting for these mini libraries as I explore local towns. So far I have found four in Connecticut without looking them up online. I love spontaneously finding them on my travels. 

Stonington Borough is also known for its boating, beer trail, and for the local wine trail. Many of Connecticut’s best vineyards and wineries are in Stonington or located nearby.

Matthew and I both agree that Stonington Borough is Connecticut’s answer to Charleston. Much smaller in size, Stonington was built around the same time as Charleston and has a historic feel to the entire town. Flowers like hydrangeas can be found on every corner and the beach is just a short walk from Main Street. The colorful row homes facing the water is most certainly Connecticut’s New England style version of Rainbow Row.

Matthew and I looked up local real estate. Homes here start at around a million, but they sure are lovely to look at.

It was a quiet Sunday evening so most of the shops were closed. I intend to return to check out Yali’s shop for the lovely Turkish towels I saw in the window and for Social, a mod looking café. We arrived shortly before sunset, so I look forward to visiting again on a beautiful summer morning.

Take a walk to the park and enjoy the sunset before you travel home. 

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