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The last time I was in Mystic Connecticut I promised myself that I would stop by The Spice & Tea Exchange to pick up some more of Vik’s Garlic Fix mix and to make a post about the Exchange. The Spice & Tea Exchange is located right in front of the Drawbridge in front of Drawbridge Ice Cream.

If you try the samples, I promise that you will be going home with some mix and a recipe to impress your family and friends at your next get-together. The Vik’s Garlic Fix is my personal favorite and I always pick up an extra when I’m in town. they’re great for parties and as gifts.

The teas and spices are amazing, but it is the sugar section that I am always captivated by. They have the most incredible flavor infused sugars. My favorites are the raspberry, hibiscus, lavender, and rose. They smell and taste heavenly. You can try samples right In the store. I’m thinking about getting a collection to give out as gifts for the ladies luncheon I am hosting in August.

Don’t forget to find a new favorite tea. The Exchange also sells various tea accessories including reusable cotton teabags and diffusers.

The store also has recipes, rice, and plenty of spices. You will find the most unique blends.

I’m always inspired to try something new!

After you shop, take a walk through town.

You can have lunch the S & P Oyster Company. This is my father’s favorite eatery on the water. Their outdoor garden is gorgeous and you can relax under a shaded umbrella and watch the boats go by as you eat your meal.

If you’re lucky, you’ll see the drawbridge lift up to let passing boats go through.

It is always a beautiful day when you’re in Mystic.

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