Connecticut Charm | Kent, CT & Kent Falls State Park

It is no secret that Kent Connecticut is one of my favorite small local towns. It is a wonderful place to visit year round, but the town has a little something extra on a sunny autumn day. There are numerous shops including a couple used book stores, a cheese shop, pizzerias, cafes, numerous galleries, and boutiques. A railroad track goes right through town and a lovely library hosts book sales on warm Saturdays. This romantic little gem is considered one of the best leaf-peeping towns in New England because of the gorgeous foliage, mountain views, and numerous parks including my personal favorite, Kent Falls.

Kent is a perfect place for solo day trips, romantic dates, and family outings. It is one of the towns that inspired the hit television show Gilmore Girls. And recently, I had the honor of photographing an autumn engagement in Kent. Matthew and I also took a drive into town in late October to catch the fall leaves. 

This small town only has one traffic light. All decorated for a small town autumn.This entire area of town is fairly new. As a kid my dad and I would drive out to Kent on his motorcycle (my dad is one cool cat) to visit the parks and have pie at one of the local bistros. These galleries and shops were not here back then, but he told me all about them so I had to see for myself.I’ll be sure to stop into Tea & Dreams next time I’m in town!This place makes great paninis and they even carry Yoohoos, one of my faves!The old train station was turned into the town pharmacy, but on the outside it appears just as it used to. Welcome to Kent Falls State Park. This year the waterfall was dry because of the drought, but it was still as beautiful as ever. Hike to the top of the hill to see how high up the waterfall really goes. 

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