Connecticut Charm: Glastonbury

Glastonbury Connecticut was not even on my radar until I worked there. This small town packs some seriously large personality. It is named after a town in England and was settled in the late 1600s. I love its old-town feel, especially all of the cute buildings. The town boasts five districts in the Nation Registrar of Historic Places and has the most amount of 18th century homes in the state of Connecticut (2nd in New England, beat only by one town in Massachusetts).Yet it is also a very modern town and the traffic is very busy on the main road.dscf2438

Love good coffee or a panini? Daybreak Coffee Roasters is your local go-to. My favorite is their Tuscan Sun panini. During the warmer months, tables with sunny yellow umbrellas are clustered on the corner in front of the storefront. They are surrounded by large planters overflowing with flowers.dscf2485dscf2484dscf2476

There are plenty of chains in town like Starbucks, Chipotle, and Panera Bread, but there are countless small businesses and restaurants that are worth more attention. Places such as Bricco, Max Fish, Maggie McFly’s and B. Good.

Personally, my favorite way to lunch in Glastonbury is outside. Pack a picnic lunch or pick up something healthy at the Local Wholefoods and sit by the fountain in town right across from Daybreak Coffee Roasters. They have bistro tables and benches around the small park that gather plenty of positive people. On summer afternoons you can catch an outdoor yoga class here and a violinist often plays on Saturday mornings.


Or eat under the blue umbrellas in the courtyard at the Welles-Turner Memorial Library just down the sidewalk from the little park (the building to the right of Daybreak Coffee Roasters).dscf0177dscf2440dscf2445dscf2447dscf2449dscf2451dscf2455dscf2457dscf0215dscf2462

Another favorite picnic place is at Riverfront Park. There are two sides to the park. One has sports fields and the other side has the community boat house, a lovely fountain, and a playground for kids. (You will also find a little library box by the playground.) I used to sit by the fountain for lunch, but now that I discovered the dock behind the boathouse there is no going back. The dock is so low to the water that I feel that I am floating right over the Connecticut River. I try to eat my lunch here every day when it is nice. I grew up on a lake and I miss being on the water.

dscf2513dscf2526dscf2524dscf2553dscf2556dscf2567Being on the water is so peaceful.dscf2557On Thursdays Matthew meets me for lunch. Because we had such unusually warm weather in October he came down to join me on one of my picnics on the water. dscf2563dscf25641Tranquility. I love that word. dscf2548dscf25411Homemade lunch. There is a Whole Foods around the corner. Although a little expensive, some of their items are quite affordable. I love making wraps out of organic chicken, avocado, spinach, sprouts, and some mozzarella cheese. So delicious, healthy, and really affordable. I also have an addiction to Mediterranean foods.  dscf25361dscf2568-2dscf2570

If you travel past the field you will find a lovely pathway that leads to a nice scenic walk, a dog park, and even a skatepark. I discover something new here every time I venture around. Although I love going on walks, most of my lunch hours are spent enjoying a nice picnic by the water while the nice weather lasts.

1dscf3138dscf3145dscf3143dscf3153dscf3170dscf3184I keep a blanket in my car for these picnic stops. I’m in love with Whole Foods maple smoked salmon. And my cheese addiction is satisfied with my favorite, Saint Andre (a creamy french cheese similar to brie), with organic Adriatic fig spread on organic crackers. dscf3202dscf31941dscf31671dscf3165

As you can see, I have had many a picnic here! There is another little dock to the left.


It is also the best spot to catch a golden sunset in town.


Glastonbury is simply lovely. It is very busy during the day, but it has a wonderful community. I love the plants and American flags that line the streets. In September stop by the incredible library book sale on the front lawn of the library. It is one of my favorite book sales in Connecticut. You will be amazed by the old (and new!) books you will find.

In mid-October go to the apple festival at Riverside Park for some warm apple cider and a touch of community. Or stop by Rose’s Berry Farm for pick-your-own and amazing raspberry jam. There is a great bike shop and a bridal boutique as well as plenty of places to stop for some ice cream.

If you’re local it is worth the drive in, especially at lunch time.

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