Connecticut Charm | Black Rock State Park

As a kid my camp took off on a long weekend trip to what I thought was a far off land called Black Rock. The other week I was driving to meet a client (who is now a lovely friend!) to deliver her wedding album when I drove past Black Rock State Park in Thomaston, CT. All this time, that far away land was actually pretty close to home. 

When this gorgeous Spring weather arrived last weekend I knew we couldn’t stay inside. Matthew and I packed up a picnic lunch from Market 32 in Oxford and drove out to Thomaston to take a walk around the pond and explore the hiking trails. It was an absolutely gorgeous day to be outside. The water has a clear emerald hue from being so still all winter and fishermen were lined up around the shore to try to catch some fish, even though it is a little early in the season. I didn’t take a lot of photos, but I thought I would share a few snapshots to inspire your next hike. I brought along my Fujifilm x100T camera.

Black Rock State Park has open fields for playing games, family (and dog) friendly hiking trails, a small sandy beach for swimming, and hidden coves that are wonderful for quiet fishing. 

The perfect picnic spot. There was a mini pond down this trail that had hundreds of frogs. They were making loud chirping and croaking sounds to one another to find the perfect mate for tadpole season. It was hard to spot them in the water. They sounded like an orchestra you would only find in mother nature. 

To my fellow New Englanders, it looks like another beautiful weekend is coming our way. I hope you get the chance to go outdoors and enjoy it. 

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