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Happy Monday! Today I have a “Just Because I Love You” photo session of my friends Matt and Christina for you to enjoy this morning. A Just Because session really is just because. You don’t have to have a special occasion to celebrate love or to document it with a camera. On Saturday I heard that there was going to be a festival in Bel Air that had hot air balloons. I contacted my friends Christina and Matt and asked if they would be interested in a spontaneous photo shoot. Luckily they said yes, however, the heavy winds kept the balloons from being able to inflate. I am officially determined to get a hot air balloon photo session now. Engagement shoot anyone? But even though the wind kept the balloons away, we got some great photos and we had a fun time before the rain came.

Matt is really good at making Christina laugh. I asked him if he could hold Christina’s hand and he asked, “like this?” as he started to dance around with her. A really cool fact about the clothes and shoes in this photo shoot: they are from Christina’s boutique in downtown Bel Air. Her shop is balled B. Fabulous. Check out her cute website: or walk in next time you are in town. You can find her adorable outfit right in the store. (The accessories are also very fabulous!) B. Fabulous may also be found on Facebook at: cute photos were fun to photograph. Between every kiss Matt would do a push up on the fence, give her a kiss, do a push up, give her a kiss….Some more of the awesome jewelry you can find in Christna’s shop. The ring on the left is not for sale though. This particular gem was an anniversary gift from Matt. (Good job, Matt!)Even though they did not take flight, we were still able to get up close and personal with the balloon baskets. Hot air balloons are on my life goal list. One day I will go for an adventure on one. There are a lot of fun activities (and accomplishments) on my life goal list. It is always evolving. I mention it so often I should probably post it for you one day. It is worth a laugh (and just maybe a little inspiring?)
At the festival there were “pony” rides. Let me tell you, these horses were not ponies. Have you ever seen the Budweiser commercials with the giant horses? I call them Budweiser horses, but Googles calls them Clydesdales. The kids had to walk up a platform to get onto the horses. Very beautiful and friendly horses though. Matt and Christina, thank you so much for letting me take pictures and post them on my blog. Maybe we’ll catch the hot air balloons next year.

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