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Vicki Barr & The Adventure Girls | Vintage Book Reviews

By this point, I don’t believe that it is a secret that I love planes. But one thing you might not know is my loveView full post »

Cutting Down Your Guest List | Wedding Planning Woes Solved

Is it just me, or is choosing (and cutting back) on the wedding guest list the most challenging part of planning aView full post »

Retirement Savings For Absolute Beginners | Year of Living Lovely

The first thing I am going to tell you is that I am not a financial adviser and this blog post is simply my opinion,View full post »

Tips To Participate In Your Own No Spend Month | Year of Living Lovely

Last week I shared my idea for a no-spend month because February is my month to focus on using money wisely, in thisView full post »

How To Splurge And Save For Your Wedding Day

If you are planning a wedding, then there is no hiding from the fact that weddings are expensive. Every little detailView full post »

The Value of Time | Year of Living Lovely

Time is valuable. Last year I read a book by Vicki Robins, Your Money Or Your Life. It was not my first introduction toView full post »

February Goals | Use Money Wisely | Year of Living Lovely

For the month of February I will be focusing on using money wisely for my Year of Living Lovely project. The key wordView full post »

The Importance Of Getting Ready Images On Your Wedding Day

Getting ready for the wedding takes more time than the ceremony itself. The hours before the wedding are a flurry ofView full post »

Tuesday Tea | Say No More Often

Last night I was supposed to meet with a friend for dinner, but she sent me a message in the morning saying she couldView full post »

Quality of Life | Live Lovely

I was reading the introduction of “The Little Book of Lykke” (pronounced loo-ka) on a Jetblue plane to TexasView full post »

Make Your Own Salt Cave | Live Lovely

I was desperate for allergy relief when I discovered the local salt cave near my work when searching for treatmentView full post »

Why I Started A Honeyfund Instead Of A Traditional Registry

Wedding gift registries baffle me. I appreciate when couples share a wish list of registry items because it takes theView full post »

When Life Gives You A Freeze, Skate! | Top 6 Connecticut Outdoor Ice Skating Rinks

A tradition that my father first started many years ago, and that I still cherish today, is going ice skating on NewView full post »

Make Home Sweet | January Goals | A Year of Living Lovely

There are so many things I want as a part of my lifestyle. I believe that most of us have a dream version of ourselvesView full post »

Litchfield In The Snow | Connecticut Charm

Litchfield is a magical town the whole year through, but I really do love it most in the snow. It is the quintessentialView full post »

My Favorite Blog Posts Of 2017

2017 was the year that I truly branched out into the blogosphere. For years I have been sharing my photography andView full post »

2017 In Review: Travel & Living Lovely

I am going to start at the very beginning. 2017 was a big year for my fiance and I. We both changed jobs, moved to a newView full post »

Creative New Year Resolutions You Will Love To Keep

Goal making and lists are a fun past time of mine (admit it, you know you love a good goal list too!), but they’reView full post »

New Years Day 2018 | A Year of Living Lovely

Happy New Year, friends!        I hope that your New Year is off to a lovely start. I adore theView full post »

2017 In Review | Weddings & Professional Photography

2017 was a big year for Live Lovely Photography. I quit a toxic full-time job to pursue my photography business and gotView full post »

The Macy’s Day Parade | A Life Goal Adventure In NYC

I wanted to make sure I posted our Macy’s Day Parade adventures on the blog before Christmas. This year MatthewView full post »

Christmas in Connecticut | A Top Twenty List

Less than one week until Christmas. I honestly don’t know how the time flies these days. The past couple years IView full post »

Three Simple Ways To Add Some Wow To Your Engagement Shoot

The engagement shoot is often the only time a couple is ever professionally photographed outside of their wedding day.View full post »

New England Inspired Holiday Gift Guide

For the holiday season I like to start my holiday shopping a little early to avoid stress over the holidays or runningView full post »

My Top 5 New England Based Classic Christmas Films

In 2015, I started to remake classic Christmas movie posters into my annual Christmas cards. We had just moved toView full post »

The Roost Candle Co. | Sandy Hook | Connecticut Charm

I met the lovely owner of the Roost Candle Co., Dana, at a local networking event for entrepreneurs a couple weeks agoView full post »

Twenty-Five Ways To Find Joy This Holiday Season

When I hear people claim that they dread the holiday season, it makes my heart heavy. This time of year is all aboutView full post »

Tackling Holiday Gift Giving Stress Once And For All

If holiday budgets and shopping blues get you down year after year, then it is time to tackle the holiday shoppingView full post »

The Cutest Connecticut Christmas Shop | Woodbury Pewter Co Outlet | Connecticut Charm

It is December first, so I am fully embracing the Christmas spirit right now. I like to live in the moment andView full post »

A Year of Living Lovely | Starting January First 2018

A year ago today my heart felt heavy. I didn’t want to get up in the mornings, go to work, or do much of anythingView full post »

An Alternative Way To Spend Black Friday | Thankfulness November

The pressure to shop is strong this year with advertising for Black Friday making it our way since before Halloween.View full post »

Five Ways To Give Back This Thanksgiving | Thankfulness November

I can hardly believe it, Thanksgiving is almost here! Like many Americans, I look forward to spending the day with myView full post »

Wandering Around Burlington, Vermont | New England Travel

Another stop on our Vermont road trip was Burlington Vermont. It took us off of the path of route 100, about a fortyView full post »

How to Spend A Beautiful Autumn Day in Stowe, Vermont | New England Travel

The best way to spend a beautiful autumn morning in New England is in Stowe, Vermont. We left our cozy airbnb cabin inView full post »

Winter Fashion | Shop Your Closet | Thankfulness November

Winter fashion in New England sometimes stresses me out. When you venture out of your own home to face the coldView full post »

Kari & Will | Taughannock Waterfall | Destination Wedding Photographer

Kari and Will are the lovely models for this styled bridal destination wedding shoot at Taughannock Waterfall in IthacaView full post »