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Make Home Sweet | January Goals | A Year of Living Lovely

There are so many things I want as a part of my lifestyle. I believe that most of us have a dream version of ourselvesView full post »

Create Your Own Space | A Year Of Living Lovely

Never underestimate the power of a personal space. I love living in a loft apartment and I am happy in small spaces,View full post »

2017 In Review: Travel & Living Lovely

I am going to start at the very beginning. 2017 was a big year for my fiance and I. We both changed jobs, moved to a newView full post »

Creative New Year Resolutions You Will Love To Keep

Goal making and lists are a fun past time of mine (admit it, you know you love a good goal list too!), but they’reView full post »

New Years Day 2018 | A Year of Living Lovely

Happy New Year, friends!        I hope that your New Year is off to a lovely start. I adore theView full post »

A Year of Living Lovely | Starting January First 2018

A year ago today my heart felt heavy. I didn’t want to get up in the mornings, go to work, or do much of anythingView full post »

An Alternative Way To Spend Black Friday | Thankfulness November

The pressure to shop is strong this year with advertising for Black Friday making it our way since before Halloween.View full post »

Why I Boycott Black Friday | Thankfulness November

Right after Thanksgiving comes the day of the year I dread the most in the United States. I never understood how theView full post »

Winter Fashion | Shop Your Closet | Thankfulness November

Winter fashion in New England sometimes stresses me out. When you venture out of your own home to face the coldView full post »

A Canoe View | Adventures in Vermont | Lovely Travel

On our recent Vermont cabin retreat we awoke early to take in the sunrise from the view of a canoe. I’m the sunnyView full post »

A Cozy Cabin Retreat In Vermont | Live Lovely Travel

After a full wedding season this Autumn and a packed social calendar, Matthew and I decided on a cozy weekend retreat inView full post »

How To Have A No-Spend November | Thankfulness November

In my opinion, nothing puts money into perspective quite like a no-spend November, or even just a week or two withoutView full post »

Why Daylight Saving Is Good For Your Book Shelf | Thankfulness November | Live Lovely

Happy Daylight Saving! Monday will be the first day for many of us to drive home from work in the complete dark. WeView full post »

My Top Twenty-Five New England Autumn Check List

Autumn is pure magic in New England. Since the morning after Halloween, I have watched as the Christmas decorations haveView full post »

Ten Simple Ways To Practice Thankfulness This November

Thankfulness November is just beginning. Every year I do my best to ban busyness, slow down, practice appreciation, andView full post »

Five Reasons Why You Need A Thankfulness November | Live Lovely

All month long I will be participating in a Thankfulness November; a month of appreciation for all the good things in myView full post »

Plainville Hot Air Balloon Festival | Largest Hot Air Balloon Festival in New England | Connecticut Charm

You may have seen the incredible hot air balloon photos that have been trending online recently. Far off places, openView full post »

Turkish Towels by Mon Castle | Live Lovely

My new towels came in the mail and I could not be more excited. For a while now I have been wanting to upgrade my oldView full post »

Duvets & Other Cozy Things | Live Lovely

Minimalism has been on my mind frequently this year, especially since moving into our smaller loft apartment. PairingView full post »

How Blogging Has Changed My Life | Live Lovely

In such a short period of time, blogging has changed my life and improved it in so many ways. I started this blogView full post »

Live Lovely | When Dreams Take Flight

Last summer I knew that I was going to fly a plane. I knew I would start a blog, become a full-time photographer, writeView full post »

A Lovely Life | Birthday Road Trip | Twenty-seven Years Old

Today I am twenty-seven. I use every birthday similar to the way most people use New Years; with reflection andView full post »

Create Your Own Adventure Bag

It happened all too often; I would leave for work under a grey sky with a forecast of rain lasting all day long to beView full post »

Tuesday Tea | Taking Back The Weekend

Summer solstice is officially here. Daydreams of beach trips, summer picnics, and lakeside gatherings make the workdayView full post »

Live Lovely | A Little Flower Power

Never underestimate a little flower power in your home. The hippies had it right; plants not only clean and purify theView full post »

Why Saving Up For My Wedding Taught Me That I Can Do Anything

I have just proven to myself that I can do anything. The thought struck me the day after we met with a potential catererView full post »

Live Lovely | Living With Enough | Five Steps to Clear Clutter Now

I wanted to discuss something that has become increasingly important to me lately: the idea of living with enough. InView full post »

Live Lovely | French Market Basket | Life Without Plastic

I have not been this excited over something new in a long time. The other day my French market basket arrived in theView full post »

Her Life Changed The Moment She Let It

One of my weaknesses: journals with inspiring covers. Oh how I love them. A nice crisp page waiting to be written onView full post »

Year of Living Lovely: 2016 In Review

Living lovely is all about crafting a life that is designed to fit you. You will see a lot of blog posts and articles onView full post »

Tuesday Tea: A Year of Living Lovely

Bonjour! I am sitting here with my cup of tea by my Christmas tree and wondering how in the world it can be the end ofView full post »