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How To Be True To Your Travel Style | Live Lovely

My idea of great travel might be completely different than your definition of a dream trip. And that right there isView full post »

Get Back To Nature | Tuesday Tea

Good morning. I hope that you have had time to get outside recently, that you have gone for a walk, went for a swim, orView full post »

Thoughts On Blogging In A World That Needs Fixing

Today I want to speak out and encourage you to do the same. On Live Lovely I focus on positivity and living a happy andView full post »

Live Lovely | Essential & Beauty Oils

Essential oils have been making a wave in the health and wellness industry lately and I thought it was time that IView full post »

How Blogging Has Changed My Life | Live Lovely

In such a short period of time, blogging has changed my life and improved it in so many ways. I started this blogView full post »

Live Lovely | When Dreams Take Flight

Last summer I knew that I was going to fly a plane. I knew I would start a blog, become a full-time photographer, writeView full post »

Tuesday Tea | How to Fly

Today, I fly. It is late morning, almost noon, as I sip my tea and write this after pouring over my book, “TheView full post »

A Lovely Life | Birthday Road Trip | Twenty-seven Years Old

Today I am twenty-seven. I use every birthday similar to the way most people use New Years; with reflection andView full post »

Create Your Own Adventure Bag

It happened all too often; I would leave for work under a grey sky with a forecast of rain lasting all day long to beView full post »

Live Lovely | Practicing Appreciation

I love the word “appreciation.” It really makes you feel good to direct it towards others and to feel it inView full post »

Tuesday Tea | Taking Back The Weekend

Summer solstice is officially here. Daydreams of beach trips, summer picnics, and lakeside gatherings make the workdayView full post »

Live Lovely | A Little Flower Power

Never underestimate a little flower power in your home. The hippies had it right; plants not only clean and purify theView full post »

Why Saving Up For My Wedding Taught Me That I Can Do Anything

I have just proven to myself that I can do anything. The thought struck me the day after we met with a potential catererView full post »

Camera Review of the Fujifilm X100 T | Wedding Photographer Camera Review

After a year of wishing and debating, I finally purchased the Fujifilm X100 T! I love Fujifilm as a brand. Their camerasView full post »

Tuesday Tea | For the Love of Reading

Good morning! Today I will be making time to do one of the activities that I love most: reading. Do you love to read?View full post »

Live Lovely | Living With Enough | Five Steps to Clear Clutter Now

I wanted to discuss something that has become increasingly important to me lately: the idea of living with enough. InView full post »

Live Lovely | French Market Basket | Life Without Plastic

I have not been this excited over something new in a long time. The other day my French market basket arrived in theView full post »

My Unplugged Travel Philosophy

It is no secret that I love to take photographs. I love sharing the photos almost as much as I enjoy taking them. ButView full post »

Her Life Changed The Moment She Let It

One of my weaknesses: journals with inspiring covers. Oh how I love them. A nice crisp page waiting to be written onView full post »

Tuesday Tea | DIY Tea Shelf

We are still settling into our new tiny apartment in Beacon Falls. I love the old factory apartment buildings with theirView full post »

Tuesday Tea | Simplicity In Action

My new lifestyle has given me the luxury of enjoying more simplicity and solitude in my every day life. I woke up at aView full post »

I Quit A Toxic Job to Pursue My Dream Life

I quit my job; reliable paycheck and incredible benefits along with it. And it feels amazing! I had always hoped IView full post »

Tuesday Tea | Hygge

Hygge (pronounced hyoo-ga or hoo-ga) has been all over the media lately. Perhaps you have heard about it from FacebookView full post »

Year of Living Lovely: 2016 In Review

Living lovely is all about crafting a life that is designed to fit you. You will see a lot of blog posts and articles onView full post »

Tuesday Tea | Blogs I Love

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately, which is what has inspired me to start blogging myself. I figure that I loveView full post »

Happy Holidays | It’s A Wonderful Life

No matter what holiday you celebrate this year, I hope that it is a wonderful one! Merry Christmas from Matthew and I.View full post »

Classic Christmas Wrapping | DIY Classic Christmas

“Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things.” I adore ChristmasView full post »

Tuesday Tea: A Year of Living Lovely

Bonjour! I am sitting here with my cup of tea by my Christmas tree and wondering how in the world it can be the end ofView full post »

Christmas in the City | New York City Christmas Trip guide

It’s Christmas time in the city! Every year before Christmas we take a family day trip into New York City toView full post »

Tuesday Tea: Craft Your Life

Good morning! It is getting much colder and more difficult to crawl out from the warm blankets each morning here in NewView full post »

Tuesday Tea: Dream Me

It is a beautiful day and I just made it home a little while ago from my return flight home from Orlando, FL. This isView full post »

Tuesday Tea | Thankfulness November

Good morning and happy Tuesday! I hope that everyone is having a very beautiful and thankful November. This morning IView full post »

Tuesday Tea Time | The Happiness Advantage | Election Day 2016

Pour yourself a lovely cup of tea (or coffee or coa coa if that is more your style) and join the Tuesday tea party. IView full post »

Mae Mae’s Apple Dump Cake Recipe | Live Lovely Recipes

Apple dump cake is my favorite baking recipe this time of year. It is a recipe from my grandmother, Mae Mae, and it hasView full post »

Tuesday Tea Time |Thankfulness November

My morning tea is the most tranquil time of my day. Green tea with jasmine, plantation mint, or English Breakfast; noView full post »

In Defense of the “Big Wedding”

When we got engaged the advice started to pour in. “Save yourself the stress and elope.” “Spend the money on aView full post »